More Anticipation


Tonight was another productive evening. Since my husband was able to finish the small patch of ground for me yesterday, I was able to plant several strawberry and asparagus plants while he planted a couple day lilies in the landscaped spot that is now mulch and landscape cloth free. Our goal is to add a dry creek bed that ends there.

I also finally planted the corn, onions and garlic I’ve been meaning to get around to. A bit later than I would like, but still early enough to grow.

This was my first year trying to grow veggies from seed. The plants I purchased are definitely bigger and stronger than the ones I grew. If I try again next year, I’ll need to start them earlier and do a better job hardening them off. And one tomato plant has been denuded by rabbits. At least I don’t have to worry about deer, I guess.

The weather has been a bit dry, but rain is moving in and hopefully the rain barrels will once again be full.

Tomorrow’s plan involves mowing. I love when the weather warms, but always wonder how I can forget how busy we get.


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