Promises of Spring

I forgot to take pictures of my elderberry bushes. I am really horrible at this blogging adventure. Thankfully, I don’t have any readers! I’ll get some photos and add them after work tomorrow.

A bit late, but here is the second elderberry we planted.

I’m pretty excited because both are about to bloom. I (well my husband) planted one two years ago. I didn’t realize you needed two to get berries. So last year I (…my husband) planted a second one, but they bloomed at different times. It looks like this is the year for berries! I’ve seen recipes online for elderberry syrup, so I’m thinking of trying that out. My mother has told me about her uncle who always made elderberry wine, but that sounds a bit daunting. Baby steps!

My husband planted three honeysuckles today with trellises. We are hoping they turn in a privacy screen for the hot tub. I finally finished planting the herb addition. It now contains parsley, sage, rosemary, dill and chives. I also added a few more tomato plants, a cayenne pepper plant, several butternut squashes and another zucchini.

I really hope year’s garden turns out to be the most prolific yet!


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