Summer Challenges

Too much water?

This year we extended our vegetable garden quite a bit, while also adding to our permaculture.  We planted a cherry tree and several berry bushes. Unfortunately, after a pretty wet spring, we’ve moved into an early, dry summer.

The cherry tree is struggling. I have a trip to the nursery planned for after work tomorrow. I need to bring in a bit of a branch and pictures. Hopefully they will be able to get to the bottom of the issue. I’m guessing we might be watering it a bit much, but it’s hard to say. We’ve been watering it every two to three days.

As for the broccoli and the berries, I know the issue there…rabbits.  Lots of rabbits. They are stripping away the leaves at an alarming rate. I tried to sprinkle deer and rabbit deterrent granules around them, but I swear the bunnies just laugh hysterically at my efforts. Some friends gifted us with a solar garden gnome. I immediately put him to work standing guard over the broccoli. It may just be luck, but I haven’t seen a rabbit near the broccoli since.

My broccoli guardian.

I’m running out of ideas. Anyone have any suggestions?


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