Too Much Excitement

I ran out this morning at 5:30 to get all the new berries watered. We are most definitely in a dry spell, and it’s supposed to top 90° this weekend. Every time rain has been predicted, it fails to materialize. This is making for some pretty stressed plants–especially the ones we just planted this spring.

The strawberries are struggling. They’re dry and not growing much. The bunnies have feasted on the blueberry bushes. And the blackberry bush has one side that looks like it’s given up hope.

So where is my excitement coming from? Well, even though the asparagus seedlings are struggling in this dry wind, I have two strong, healthy shoots coming up from the bare root section! I took a picture of it this afternoon, but it’s out of focus. I’ll post a retake tomorrow.

I am not planning on cutting any asparagus this year. I’m hoping this will set me up for a good harvest next year. I’m crossing my fingers that we get rain soon. Maybe then my berries will take off and the asparagus will strengthen.


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