Backyard Apples

I’m so excited to check our apple trees. Last year the trees didn’t bloom until fall and we had tiny apples in time for winter’s killing frost. This year, we had a lot of blossoms early in the season and I was hopeful. Early storms blew some off, but then came the bane of every backyard apple tree…fungus!

Last year, the apple trees developed apple scab. This is a fungal disease that makes the leaves turn brown, wilt, and fall off. If any apples had developed, they would have looked horrible and unappetizing.  I went to my local nursery and spoke with their tree expert.

This past February, armed with all my new apple scab knowledge, I pruned the trees more aggressively, and treated for fungus more often.  After a wet spring, I checked the leaves for any spots and pulled off any that were infected.

Apple butter, anyone?

I only have a couple dozen apples this year, but I’m hopeful they will be good quality. And that the harvest will continue to increase each year!


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