Cabbage and Broccoli

Wow, life got busy quickly! We are in the midst of a heat wave, so I’ve been struggling with the garden. The cucumber and pumpkin are not looking great.


Each year, I try to add at least one new plant to my garden. Some become new favorites, others…well, don’t.

I added broccoli last year and thought they were moderately successful, so planted three more this year. I also planted six cabbages for the first time.

To summarize my learning from growing these this year: they won’t be back next year.

I don’t like to use a lot of chemicals in the garden. I do when I have to, but generally try to avoid them. I also work full time outside of the house, so even though I would like to spend more time in the garden, my time is just too limited. This means that my favorite plants to grow are low maintenance.

The cabbages were a hot bed of romantic activity for cabbage moths. They’d flutter around adding charm to the garden, and I did a really nice job fooling myself into thinking damage wasn’t that bad. There were no holes in the leaves and I never saw caterpillars. And then the day came to harvest them. And there were eggs in every layer. I fed them to the rabbits.

And there was the broccoli. Ugh, the broccoli.  The first head was harvested nicely and was delicious. The second one was iffy. By the time I harvested the third one, the middle was invested with caterpillars. Yes, two small heads of broccoli in season are $2.50, but nope. Just nope.

Both broccoli and cabbage take up a lot of room in my raised bed garden. Both do not produce a lot for that amount of space. And both attract too many pests. Neither will be back next year. I’ll use their space for other vegetables.


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