Living Seasonally

Wow, has time escaped me. I’ve tried to focus on living more intentionally this past year, and to make time for me to do those things I enjoy. I find I’m a much better person to be around when I carve time out for me.

In the past, I’ve put the burden on myself to clean, grocery shop, etc. I set my standards unrealistically high, and then allowed resentment to fester when I wasn’t able to achieve them.  My family did not have these expectations of me, and I certainly never mentioned them. But that didn’t keep me from being unhappy that my family wasn’t magically doing what I wanted without being asked.

This year, I’ve changed my focus. I work outside the home, and while I enjoy doing so, it understandably puts a crimp in the amount of time I am able to devote to keeping my house in order. I have refused to let it consume me. Instead, I priorize my day. The first thing I do when I get home is exercise. I’m often exhausted, but I find that this energizes me, and puts me in a better mood. This is my “me” time where I get to escape.

My other hobbies are gardening and canning.  I started canning last year, and this year I tried to be more intentional with planting what we would use, and canning what we would eat.  It is through my experience with these activities that I realized another area where I should focus: living seasonally.

In spring, my focus was planting and establishing my garden. Summer, it was keeping the plants from dying between dry weather and bug invasions. But then came the fun part…making pickles, spaghetti, pizza and BBQ sauces, and many jams. And about the time I was sick of tomatoes came the first killing frost.

Never before have I looked forward to winter. I couldn’t even imagine a time where I would be crazy enough to wish for winter. All of a sudden though, I could imagine the pioneer woman on the plains. The hard work of summer is past, and food is preserved and stocked. Winter would be a nice break from summer’s hectic pace.

So in the spirit of living seasonally, this winter I plan to complete long overdue sewing and decluttering projects. I’m hoping that I can rotate through my interests as the seasons change.

Wish me luck!


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