Smaller Grocery Lists

I think I may have mentioned before I don’t enjoy shopping. That may be a factor in the satisfaction I receive with gardening and canning. But it’s wintertime and so I’m brainstorming other ways of removing items from my grocery list.

The first, most obvious one is to waste less. “Waste not, want not” is so very true. I was shocked when I saw a statistic claiming an estimated 30-40% of food is thrown away in the U.S. I have not analyzed by family’s contribution to this waste, but I am hopeful it is less.

Unfortunately, the onions we have on hand are getting ready to turn. In the past, I would have tried to use them up, then pitch them when I was unsuccessful. However, to help my time spent in the kitchen be more productive, this past summer, my husband purchased a dehydrator and food processor.

So I sliced three red onions thinly, spread them out in the dehydrator, turned it on and waited about a day and a half. When they were dry to the point of being crumbly, I popped them into the food processor and pulsed away. It took a bit to get it as fine as I wanted, but it got there.

I used a funnel to pour it into a small spice jar I had on hand, labelled it and stored it in the pantry.

Onion powder may not be expensive, but why not make use of all you can? I’ve added one more item not to buy at the store.

I no longer buy, but instead make myself:

Pickles, relish, jams/jellies, pasta or pizza sauces, BBQ sauce, cayenne powder, and now onion powder.

I plan to do the same with garlic powder and garlic salt. And hopefully many others!


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