Planting Time

Last year, I made a comment that one can never have too many pepper plants. I may have proven myself wrong this year. I had forgotten what I had written, and had to laugh at myself when I saw it.

I’ve been experimenting with different plants the last couple of years, but I’ve also started canning my garden bounty and decided this year to focus on what I already use.

I updated my herbs. The peppermint and chives came back nicely, but sadly the sage did not. I planted chocolate mint, sage, basil and oregano.

As for the veggies, I planted radishes, peppers and tomatoes. Okay, and maybe a few more peppers and tomatoes. And peppers. I’m afraid I may regret that decision come August.

A friend gave me a mystery tomato and a fancy plum variety. I also planted a cherry tomato, a Fourth of July 1″ tomato and four romas.

As for the peppers. Oops. Some ladies have issues with self control around shoes. With me, apparently it’s all about the peppers.

I guess this year’s experiment will be pepper varieties. I ended up with a few: Anaheim chili peppers; a Tabasco one; an Ancho one; a couple jalapenos, six banana peppers, four sweet bells, a Hungarian Wax pepper, and a mini bell, because at this point, why not? And then…I saw them. Yes, I knew my garden was already full. But I couldn’t muster up the will power to care. I picked up four purple beauty bell peppers. I was planning on leaving room for red peppers, but who can resist purple peppers??? You guessed it–not me!


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